Scoring board 30x22cm


24.48 gross / 19.90 net

Including VAT (23%): 4.58

  • Scoring board 30x22cm

Scoring board 30×22 cm

  • professional tool for working with paper
  • one side, a so called self-regenerating mat, is used for cutting
  • other side with grooves is used for scoring

Professional tool for making cards, envelopes, gift boxes etc.

Before you start creating your work, always check if the decorative card paper is suitable for scoring. Due to the different production technologies some of the decorative card papers are better suited for printing, cutting or stamping. After scoring, check if the card paper can be easily folded, with no lateral bents along the line. If, despite the scoring, the fold is unaesthetic, the cavity should be deepened or two parallel scorings made one next to the other.